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acre street acre street - lindley
albion street  
Albert street  
beast market - north side beast market  - south side
bridge street  
brook street - north side  
byram arcade  
byram street - west side  
car Street  
carr lane - slaithwaite  
chancery lane  
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Chapel Hill  - West Side chapel hill - East side
church street  - north side church street - south side
cloth hall street - north side cloth hall street south side
cross church street - west side cross church street - east side
daisy lane - holmfirth  
dundas street - south only
fenay lane - almondbury  
firth street  - aspley firth street - aspley
fitzwilliam street - north side  
george street - north side  
half moon street - west half moon street - east
henry street - north side henry street - south side
High Street - North Side High Street - South Side
hollowgate holmfirth hollowgate holmfirth
huddersfield road west - holmfirth huddersfield road east - holmfirth
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imperial arcade -north imperial arcade - south
john williams street- west side john williams street- east side
king street - north side king street - south side
kingsgate shopping centre  
Kingsmill Lane  
kirkgate - north side kirkgate - south side
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leeds road leeds road
lidget street - lindley lidget street - lindley
  lord street - east side
lower fitzwilliam street lower fitzwilliam street
macauley street - north  
market avenue - north market avenue - south
market place  - west side market place  - east side
market street - west side market street east side
market walk  
market walk holmfirth  
new street north - west side new street north - east side
new street south - west side  
norridge bottom - holmfirth  
northgate - almondbury  
northgate - ring road  
northumberland street - north side northumberland street - south side
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packhorse shopping centre - west packhorse shopping centre - east
peel street  - marsden peel street  - marsden
piazza (paw) south side piazza (paw) east side
queen street - east only  
queensgate - north only
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railway street - west side railway street - east side
ramsden street - north  
sergeantson street south  
swan lane  
the shambles  
station road - west, holmfirth station road - east, holmfirth
station road - west side station road - east side
st. george's square - west st. george's square - east
st. helensgate - almondbury  
st. johns road - west st. johns road - east
st. peters street - north st. peters street - south
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towngate - holmfirth
trinity street - north side trinity street - south side
upperheadrow - west upperheadrow - east
Viaduct Street - north viaduct street - south
victoria lane - west  
victoria street - north, holmfirth victoria street - south, holmfirth
wakefield road - aspley wakefield road - aspley
wakefield road - waterloo wakefield road - waterloo
westgate - almondbury  
westgate - honley westgate - honley
westgate - north side westgate - southside
westbourne road - marsh westbourne road - marsh
wood street - west wood street - east
zetland street - west zetland street - east
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