Virtual Huddersfield Live Streaming Webcam in St. George's Square

Welcome to our new and much improved webcam.
The view is as good as it has always been but now there is more of it and the video stream is LIVE.
Great for keeping an eye on the weather as the trees sway, the clouds float, the fountains dance and the people move too.
This is a LIVE only streaming webcam feed. It does not store or record.
Webcam kindly sponsored by Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors at their St. George's Square Offices Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors Huddersfield
  • Commercial Property
  • Company Legal Health Check
  • Disputes, Litigation & Debt Employment
  • Insolvency
  • Intellectual Property
  • Licensing & Planning
  • Mediation
A different view every second of every day!

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