Virtual Huddersfield Live Temperature

Welcome to the Huddersfield Virtually Live Temperature Display.

This reading refreshes every 60 seconds 24/7 and gives a current temperature reading at 200m in the Colne Valley, 4 km West Huddersfield Town Centre.

There's a useful trending forecast, humidity, time and date stamp and the Moon phases.

The Moon can often be seen on our Colne valley webcam and the phases are shown.

This is a LIVE only webcam feed. It does not store or record.

This is an actual reading not a forecast as commercial online services are. Temperatures tend to be 1C higher or lower for every 100m above or below sea level change.

So our St.George's Square webcam at 100m would be 1C warmer, Holmfirth Webcam at 150m would be 0.5C warmer, and Castle Hill at 275m would be 0.75C cooler.

Our Twitter feed @VHuddersfield is a useful daily archive.

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