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    A Night in the Life of a Street Angel

    We meet at Huddersfield Methodist Mission Cafe on Lord St at around 9.45- 10pm.

    We always pray before we go out so that what we do is done in the name of God, with his blessing.

    Teams go out in a minimum of three people with ideally a man and a woman within the team.
    We just stroll around the busy areas of town looking and listening, chatting, picking up and binning glass bottles which have been left around and seeing if everyone is O.K. We pop back to the Mission at regular intervals for a sit down & a drink. We have some good conversations, some fun ones and some serious ones.

    Last Saturday we had shouts of “Angels your mint!” and “Angels you rock!”

    We may not always need to help but we are appreciated and the young people seemed very pleased that we are around. One night a young girl came up to us and said that the Angels had saved her life, and another young man came over to a team to thank them for helping him the week before. He had no idea how he got home but found a Street Angels card in his pocket when he woke up the next morning.
    Another young man said that it was the first time he had seen Christian love in action.

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