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We want Local  Restaurant Reviews from Real Huddersfield Diners so we will buy your 3 course meal if you supply us with your review!

We want to help our viewers choose the best local restaurant for them. Going out for a meal can be expensive, especially with  all the extras like taxis, baby-sitters, wine and tips. It is often a Special Occasion so if it's not right there's more than the food at stake.

Restaurant adverts and menus can conjure up mouth-watering visions, but we don't go out just to eat. There's the atmosphere to enjoy, service, presentation, wine list and don't forget the loos.

The great thing about using our viewers as reviewers is that they are unknown to the restaurant and uninfluenced by commercial considerations.

Huddersfield has some fine restaurants and many are featured on this website. So have a great time and help others who wish to gain from your experiences.

Here's what you do's easy
  • Please read our terms and conditions before applying, click here
  • Find an independent restaurant ON Virtual Huddersfield (don't forget pub restaurants too)
  • Email us your details
  • Wait for e-mail confirmation back from us (sorry we cannot reply to all applicants)
  • Receive Reviewer pack with useful tips
  • Book your table in advance
  • Submit your review by the date requested by Virtual Huddersfield
  • Providing you abide by the rules, send in the receipt and a  500- 999 word review there will be a cheque for 30 in the post to you

Application Form

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You must have e-mail confirmation from us & a review pack emailed to you before you book the restaurant.

Terms & Conditions - Please read before applying:

We will only reimburse for one review per restaurant. So apply early. If that restaurant has been allocated you can apply again. You cannot apply for more than one at a time.

  • To prevent abuse of the spirit of this offer please spend no more than 5 on drinks (alcoholic or other).
  • We are specifically excluding 2 for 1 deals. There is nothing wrong with them but we want our reviewer to have a wider choice than is normally available with such offers.
  • Reviews must be submitted by e-mail only.
  • In your authorisation email there will be guidelines on how to review a restaurant and useful things to note down
  • You will need a legible and dated receipt to send us.
  • You should not inform the restaurant before you visit and we will not inform them either.
  • You can dine on your own, as a couple, as a family or as a table of 6 friends. More than this is group-dining and not the sort of review we are looking for. Obviously we are only paying for one meal to the maximum 30.

Fair Play

In order to offer the best reviews we feel that it is important that the following is strictly adhered to:

No self interest. You must not submit a review for a restaurant in which you or your friends/ family have or have had a commercial interest whether that be as owner, investor, contractor, competitor, or employee.

Non-Transferable This arrangement is between Virtual Huddersfield and the named individual on the confirmation letter.

Competition If you are in the restaurant business or related trades, please do not enter a review as we are looking for non-professional reviewers from the general public.


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Review a Restaurant
& Eat for Free

We want Local Restaurant Reviews from Real Diners so we will buy your 3 course meal if you supply us with your review!

You can eat in ANY Restaurant you find on Virtual Huddersfield and we welcome reviews for restaurants in our surrounding villages.
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All restaurant reviews copyright of Virtual Huddersfield Ltd. - If you would like to use your review to promote your restaurant full credit must be given. Thank you

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