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Budding Forensic Investigators at Queensgate Market

 A free event is took place at Huddersfield’s Queensgate Market for budding forensic investigators.
The event ran on Wednesday August 13 to Saturday August 16 and was aimed at children between the ages of four and 14 years. Skelmanthorpe company ‘Think Forensic’ had created a ‘whodunnit’ for young investigators to solve.

The Demonstration Zone based in Queensgate Market was turned into a Forensic Laboratory and housed the crime scene. Young investigators helped deduce who was stealing a local farmer’s prize vegetables and followed a trail around the market looking for suspects on different stalls. Gill Beesley from Think Forensic said: “Before they set off on the trail they do a cast of a footprint which they then use when they get back to help identify the offender, we also teach them some basic forensic skills and they all get a little kit for collecting their evidence.

When they get back they also examine different hair using our microscopes and that also eliminates suspects. Eventually they are left with one suspect - the criminal. They take home the evidence they have collected (including the cast)."

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