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Welcome to Kirklees Markets

Kirklees is undoubtedly a district of markets – from beautifully restored Victorian and Edwardian Market Halls, to the largest open markets in Yorkshire, fabulous farmers markets, and the best second-hand and collectors markets in the region.
Experience a change from the sterile shopping experiences of the high street and supermarkets with a visit to your local market, an ever-changing feast of colours, smells, sights and sounds.

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Enjoy Safe Shopping at Queensgate Market!

For the regular customers, it is the personal attention to their requirements that draws them back time and again to their local market, the stall-holders who remember your name, the cut of meat you prefer or the style of clothing. The specialist knowledge and attention to customer care from our traders mean shopping at our markets is a real pleasure.

With busy lives, the weekly one-stop shop seems ideal, but is this really stress-free and quick? Why not visit your local market during your lunch break and select the very freshest produce for your evening meal, saving on packaging and wasted food each week? Seek advice on recipes and cooking methods from the real experts – the butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers, not the shelf-stacker or check-out person.

Wherever you live a market is not very far away, and with nearby parking and good public transport links you can visit markets throughout the area. You’ll find markets in the heart of many of the local towns and villages in Kirklees.




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