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Courage Is Poetry Project 2017 - Under 16 Category

Poetry is Courage, Huddersfield Literature Festival


I Am Her - By Hanna Hudson
Whitcliffe Mount School

I am her
Her courage is motivating
She moves with breathless elegance
Yet her footsteps leave complex blemishes
On the face of Earth

I am her
She does not sit at the back of the bus
Or cower to extremists and racists
Her fearlessness is bulletproof
And she intimidates all uneducated prejudice
That question her credibility or drive

I am her
She carries her lamp
And guides all worriers astray
With impelling blossoms budding in the
Dark locks of her curios head

So thank you Frida, Malala, Florence,
Emmeline and Rosa
Thanks to you
We are she
And I am her

Runner - Up

Problems with the Hamster - By Hayley line
North Huddersfield trust school

I was playing
But he was hurting

I was complaining
But he kept going

I was crying
But he kept hurting

I stopped him
I still lived

We were separated
I kept living

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Highly Commended

By Megan Whitworth
Whitcliffe Mount School

Courage IsÖ

that moment you grit your teeth and clench your fists,
you feel it running from legs to wrists,
when you realise you have no reason to hide,
your courage is truly deep inside,

courage is taking a step in the dark with no light,
courage is standing up and winning the fight,
courage is the key to a locked door,
you have the key; what are you waiting for?

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By Freya Hanson,
Whitcliffe Mount School

My Granddad Is Dead

My granddad is dead
But he isnít,
My granddads mind is awake
When it should be asleep,
My granddad wonít eat
Because he thought he already has,
My granddad forgets

His wife knows heís dying
But doesnít want to give in,
His wife visits him everyday
He doesnít know who she is,
His wife eats alone
M & S meals for one
His wife sees him forget

My granddads condition makes him die
It reduces his life span
My granddad doesnít look the same
Heís lost a lot of weight,
My granddad has a sign on his door
Which tells you about him,
My granddad doesnít know he forgets

His son watches him die
Suffers in a different way,
His son knows what will happen
When he tries to stand,
His son knows his mum
Is struggling through the trauma,
His son knows he forgets

My granddad looks like he is dying
His face is a sickly white,
My granddad loved football
He tells us scores from 1975,
My granddad isnít here anymore
And he isnít coming back
I wish my granddad didnít forget

I cry because I know he will die
Itís only a matter of time,
I know the two bravest people
My dad and Nan,
I hear them talk about him
And how itís getting worse

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By Merry Walker
Whitcliffe Mount School

Do you dare?

Do you dare to take the risks?
Do you dare to fight the fight?
Do you dare to take on the evil?
Do you dare to dance alone?

Would you hate the hated?
Would you stand in the crowd?
Would you love the unloved?
Would you miss the lost?

It is courage that runs with the tiger in the wild,
It is courage that dances with the fairies,
It is courage that helps you make the first move,
It is courage that finds you when you are lost.

Do you want to become what you see in your wildest dreams?
Do you want what you wish when you blow out those birthday candles?
Courage will get you there; it is what makes a tiger leap to its prey,
It is what keeps that dancer dancing, even when she dances alone.

With courage you will dare to take the risks.

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By Sanaa Hussain
North Huddersfield trust school


Of course Iím fine, why do you ask?
Oh donít mind this, itís just my mask
Donít forget this, my pain IS real,
Iím not lying this is how I feel

Going through immense pain but all Iíve got is a fake smile on my face,
How would you know, youíre not in my place
At school I have on my face is a grin,
All I ever wanted was to be thin

My heart is now in so much pain,
My tears are falling like pouring rain
I am everything you wanted me to be
Everything and anything instead of me
I struggle each day to survive living my life with doubt
I'm trapped in a death hole with no hopes of getting out

They all think ĎPick on the boy who is all alone
Just because his identity is his owní.

I just need to find the courage, speak up and tell
Then maybe thingsÖ things will one day turn out well

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By Zoe Ramage
North Huddersfield Trust school.

Courage IsÖ

Your gaze locks onto me,
Your eyes are blazing.
You continue to look.
Your stare is not breaking.

I speak. I speak.
My voice is sounding.
I canít hold the microphone.
My hands are shaking.

The music starts,
It sounds angelic.
You sit there, still staring in complete silence.
Five hundred people, yet no encouragement.

My voice sounds again,
This time I am singing.
You stare still,
This time, practically unblinking.

You look.
I feel your stare.
I am not afraid
There is no time for fear.

I bow.
You cheer.
The next person comes on.
You stare again.

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By Ellie Kellett
North huddersfield trust School

Do you hear me?

People are shouting, screaming
My heart is pounding beating
Trapped alive
No escape

Do you hear me calling?
Crawling through tunnels and tunnels of rubble
Lost in the bed of white.

I see children weeping
Mothers searching
Fathers digging

Motionless bodys lay
Trapped under the debree
No room to breath

Sirens screaming
Lights beaming

Save them
Not me

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By Iman Mohammed
Dixons Trinity Academy

'A Simple Catastrophe'

I'm a catastrophic book. 
Accumulating particles of dust and dirt, 
My author neglected me a while ago, 
Concealed me in a shelf- high up. 
Nobody may ever read me again. 
My pages fractured. 
Sentenced left obscure. 
Oblivious words scattered carelessly across the pages. 
Stains of ink ooze onto me. Each chapter bleeds with sorrow. 
My blurb deluded and fallacious. 
The pictures you see Are small fragments of scars and tears. 
Finger prints left on every page. 
From readers who've betrayed me 
Deeply imprinted. 
My spine gradually deteriorating. 
So please be gentle, 
whilst reading me 
After all I'm simply a calamitous book.

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By Chelsea Jackson
North Huddersfield trust school


You show me when you are nervous
Or even when you are scared,
When youíre standing up to bullies
To show that you care.

You canít see me
But I am there,
Deep down inside you
Ready to burst

When you feel like giving up
And feel like shutting down,
Just remember you have me
I can help you succeed

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By Skye Thomas-Smith
North Huddersfield Trust School

Jumping Out Of The Closet

She began to type a message.
Fingers jittering,
Head disagreeing,
Body shaking.

She clicked backspace,
Backspace, backspace.
Scared of her motherís opinion.

She re-wrote the message:
ďIím bisexualÖ xxĒ
Her heart pounded,
She waited for a reply.

She began to regret what she had said.
There was no reply.
Her heart pounded as her body trembled.
Why was there no reply?

She darenít look at her phone,
The message just sat there,
Pleading for her attention.

Her heart raced as she looked at the phone.
ďI love you even still! xxĒ
Her breathing returned to normalÖ

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By Mohammed-Zeeshan Latif
North Huddersfield Trust School

Courage IsÖ

They are big, strong and mean,
When I see them I just want to scream.
They punch me and hit me and make me look like trash,
I have so many bruises I look like a plum,
Makes me feel stupid and dumb.

Think of the pain and the humiliation,
I know itís hard but why accept hesitation?
My blood was cheap not in your hand,
But if you had wanted you could stand.

Stand up to bullies donít back away,
Believe in yourself you will have your day,
Donít give up you are strong,
It will be over it wonít take long.

Stand up to bullies itís never too late,
Donít let someone else be the bait!

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