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10 - 12 Westgate

Visited On:

14th December, 2010, 7.00pm

Reviewed By: Marie-Claire of Lindley

Med-One has just recently opened on Westgate close to St. George’s Square and the train station. There is plenty of on-street parking in the streets near to Westgate and if you are dining after 6pm you should be able to find free parking nearby.

The restaurant is located next to the entrance of Byram Arcade and it used to be a Polish food shop. From a distance it isn’t
immediately obvious that the building is now a restaurant as there is a lack of signage but once you get closer you can see the sign in the window promoting the restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant just before 7pm on a Tuesday evening so we weren’t too surprised that we were the only diners. Yet due to the layout, the background music and the cosy feel of the restaurant we didn’t feel uncomfortable being the only diners. The waiter was very welcoming and it wasn’t long before some other diners arrived.

The restaurant is decorated in a fairly modern minimalistic way and the toilet (only one for everyone!) is clean and spacious with a large mirror, liquid soap and paper towels.

After receiving the menus we were asked whether we’d like a drink. I asked for a drinks menu however the choice of drinks is limited to lemonade, coke, diet coke, red wine, white wine or Stella so it’s not a place to go if you want a large selection of drinks. As we were there to sample the food and not the drinks, a diet coke and a Stella were fine for us.

The food menu in contrast has a large selection of starters and mains all very reasonably priced including a good number of vegetarian options. The average price for a starter is £3.99 and the majority of mains are priced between £6.99 and £8.99. If you have tried Greek or Turkish food then you might be familiar with some of the dishes on offer. We decided to try dishes that we’d never had before.

I chose Kubbeh Makliyeh (crushed wheat and torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with minced lamb, onion, parsley and pine nuts) followed by Dolma (stuffed courgettes) and my husband chose Lahm Ajeen (baked flat pastry topped with minced lamb, onion, parsley, peppers, chopped tomatoes, chilli paste, pomegranate sauce and pine nuts) followed by Chicken Shawerma (grilled chicken breast, herbs and spices served with salad, rice and dip). However, before we received our starter we given a complimentary mezze of flat breads, dips and vegetables which were excellent.

Both starters and mains were very good although I think my husband chose the nicer options. My starter was tasty but not a dish that I would want to have too often whereas the Lahm Ajeen could quite easily become a favourite! It’s a cross between a flat bread and a pizza.

Again my husband’s main dish was excellent – very tender chicken and beautifully cooked rice. My stuffed courgettes were very tasty however, after having eaten two I swapped my third with my husband as I wanted something with a different flavour. Both mains came with a good portion of salad and a dip.
As we were deciding what to choose for dessert, the waiter gave us a complimentary one to try - a clotted cream and pistachio nut cake. Not being a fan of clotted cream I passed mine to my delighted husband. Looking at the menu, the desserts are mainly all made with pistachios, rose water and cream although the deep fried crepes dipped in syrup with nuts looks very appealing for next time!

We both thoroughly enjoyed the meal and it was nice to try dishes with some unusual flavours.

So with two complementary dishes; a waiter who was extremely attentive and polite; some lovely, flavoursome food and a bill for £26.27 which included two soft drinks and a beer, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again soon.



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