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Marimonte Restaurant
Restaurant Address:

6, Viaduct Street

Visited On:

Sunday 20th May 5.30pm

Reviewed By: Maria and family, Huddersfield

This recently opened restaurant is located under the arches in the Northern Quarter where a number of other restaurants are located and although not a busy area of town it is known for its independent restaurants.

We parked on street almost outside the front door and this was free of charge.

The building is quirky as, like its neighbours, it is built into an arch in the Railway Viaduct.

We were greeted warmly on arrival and given an option of where to sit. Our youngest daughter picked a window table despite the waiter advising it was a little small for four people. As we sat down it was too small and the waiter immediately offered us another table which was much more comfortable.

There were only three other tables dining but the atmosphere, music and the bustle from the open kitchen made us feel relaxed and the restaurant did not feel quiet.

The waiter brought menus and talked us clearly through the list of specials, and we were offered drinks straight away. After serving drinks he again went through the specials for us and took time to advise on choices as I was undecided between a couple of main courses. We ordered wine at the same time as our meal and shortly after received a breadbasket of homemade bread which was delicious.

The restaurant layout is well designed with simple but stylish décor, and was incredibly clean. The crockery, glasses, cutlery and linen all complemented this simple yet good quality theme of the dining room. The seating was comfortable and our daughters particularly liked the real fish tank which appeared initially just as a picture frame on the wall.

Jemima enjoys her Marimonte mealOur starters arrived quickly and we were immediately impressed by the presentation. My husband had ordered mini fish and chips for his starter; this came served in a bucket with tartar sauce and chips on the side. It tasted as good as it looked! My starter was Braised Beef Olive, which I had almost ordered as a main course.

The beef and sage & onion stuffing was delicious but was very strong tasting and a starter portion was just enough, and I did share some with our youngest daughter who was not having a starter of her own. Our eldest daughter had the Salmon croquettes and again these looked wonderful and were pronounced to taste just as good!

We were offered time to rest following our starter and I have to say we never felt rushed throughout the meal. I had struggled to choose a main course, undecided between the Braised Beef Olive, which I eventually picked for my starter, a fillet steak, or Marinated Lamb Cutlets. As my husband decided to go for a steak I plumped for the lamb cutlets so we could compare. When it arrived it was clearly the right choice. The lamb was cooked perfectly and the marinade was just the right balance of tasty without being overpowering. The lamb was served with Cous Cous and I also had a side order of fries. Initially disappointed that there was no fillet left, my husband chose a 10oz sirloin cooked by the chef, which came cooked exactly as requested. Our eldest daughter opted for the Peri Peri chicken with Lava stone for her to cook herself, another success. The highlight for our youngest daughter was her mini steak chosen from the children’s menu. This offered a choice of steak, mini fish & chips or grilled chicken breast. Her steak came served on a wooden board with the steak placed on a warmed piece of slate, so she felt she had her own mini Lava stone and was thrilled. She requested a swap from Cous Cous to chips which they were happy to do.

We did nosy at the meals of other diners and all were sending back clean plates. The fish stew seemed a favourite with other diners as well as a seabass from the specials menu.

Despite all pronouncing ourselves full, whilst we were enjoying a glass of wine after finishing our main course, our daughters sidled over to the dessert fridge. Eventually tempted by the Chef’s recommendation for his homemade white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, we shared three portions between the four of us, although we could have easily shared two as they were very generous.

I finished with a coffee and then both my husband and myself were offered complimentary liquor, which we accepted of course!

The toilets were upstairs and like the dining room were simple yet stylish and very clean. There did appear to be a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

We were the last to leave the restaurant and only one table came in whilst we were eating. The service was attentive throughout and we felt we could have stayed as long as we wanted. The other diners were young people and young couples but the restaurant had a welcoming feel that would appeal to all diners.

We will be visiting again soon.

The meal was £78 and we spent a further £26.70 on a bottle of red wine, soft drinks and a coffee.

Chris – mini fish and chips £5.00

Maria – braised beef olive £5.95

Hayley – salmon croquettes £5.00

Chris – 10oz sirloin steak £16.95

Maria – marinated lamb cutlets £11.95

Hayley – chicken piri piri -  rock £10.95

Jemima – mini steak £6.00

Fries £2.00

Salad £2.80

Deserts £12.00

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