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Chilli Lounge
Restaurant Address:

70, John William Street

Visited On:

22nd April 2010, 7.00pm

Reviewed By: Ella & Stephen of Halifax

The ‘Chilli Lounge’ is located in the town centre on John William Street. It is across the road from the train station and there is plenty of free car parking after 6pm on the nearby streets.
We dined on a Thursday evening and arrived at around 7pm. We arrived and were pleasantly surprised at the modern and relaxed surroundings. Inside the entrance was a spacious waiting area with plenty of comfortable seating. We weren’t greeted as we went in which was a bit of a disappointment so we walked up to the bar and were met there by a waiter and shown to our table.

We were seated in the main restaurant which I would describe
as large, light and airy with a high glass ceiling and a very pretty glass chandelier. There was quiet background music playing which added to the nice atmosphere. We were seated in a quiet corner on a small table for two. The table was adequately sized and chairs comfortable. The tablecloth was linen and napkins paper. On arrival the top table cloth was slightly stained from a previous diner which I would have expected to have been changed.

On this particular evening there was a ‘Mega Buffet’ being served which according to the menu is served on a Thursday and a Sunday evening for £8.95 per person. We opted to choose from the main menu. We started with some poppadoms and a pickle tray which arrived almost immediately and were lovely and crispy with 5 different and varied pickles to taste in the pickle tray. We then decided to try a ‘Chilli Lounge Special Starter’ which was a mixed starter for 2 to share. This arrived quite quickly and consisted of; 2 seek kebabs, 2 aloo chops, 4 pieces of chicken tikka and 2 lamb chops all served on a sizzle tray with a mountain of fried onions. The starter was a great way to get a taste of a few different starters and all were amazing. The seek kebabs were spiced to perfection and the chicken tikka melted in the mouth. The only complaint I had about the starter was that it filled me up before the main even arrived!

On ordering the main courses we were firstly overwhelmed by the sheer choice of different curries on offer! The menu was packed full of special dishes and also alternative dishes such as Ostrich and venison. It took us quite a while to decide which dishes to choose.
I decided to go for the Chicken Tikka Garlic Balti and my partner tried a lamb tikka jaflongee which was described as a medium dry delicately spiced curry served on a sizzler. For side orders we opted for a Mushroom Pilau and a Large Garlic Nan to share.

Our main courses arrived quite promptly after the starter plates were cleared and yet again, we were amazed by the size of the portions. Both curries were huge in size, the rice plenty for two to share and the large garlic naan was bigger than a small country!
Both main courses were lovely tasting, the chicken in my main course was succulent and extremely tasty and the lamb in my partners curry was cooked to perfection. There was just the right amount of spice for our liking and left our tongues tingling. We both asked for extra fresh coriander in our main courses when ordering and the waiter brought us a little dish of fresh coriander to add as much as we liked which was a nice touch.

During our main course a large party of over 40 people arrived for the buffet. They were seated right next to our table and were slightly dismayed that we felt ‘cornered in’ with this large table as we were in the corner of the large room and all other smaller tables of diners were all on the other side of the restaurant and we were surrounded by this huge party of people.

Once this party arrived we did feel like we weren’t able to receive the same level of service as we were receiving during the start of the meal as we had to wait quite a while for them to clear our dishes once we had finished and we were waiting on the bill to arrive for longer than expected.
I visited the ladies after our meal to find that although small in size they were adequate for the restaurant and were fitted out in a modern style and were very clean.
The bill for our full meal was £31.25 for the food and £8.80 for 2 drinks each which I considered reasonable for the quality of food that we received.

I would definitely visit the Chilli Lounge again and I would love to give the Mega Buffet a try next time as the choice in dishes on the buffet looked great. Having tried many different Indian Restaurants in surrounding areas I was pleasantly surprised and feel the Chilli Lounge deserves a visit if you’re after a high quality Indian meal at a good value price.

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