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Botafogo Restaurant
Restaurant Address:

37 John William Street, Huddersfield

Visited On:

13th November 2012 7.30pm

Reviewed By: Annie of Marsh

Botafogo, is a newly opened Brazilian grill restaurant, on John William Street, Huddersfield, located at the former Argentos steak house, perhaps a tough act to follow for some. On-street parking is available immediately outside the restaurant and surrounding area, free after 6pm and with the central location it is just a couple of minutes stroll from Huddersfield railway and bus stations.

My partner and I visited on a Tuesday evening, having previously booked using the online facility; we were warmly greeted by a member of staff and offered a choice of table. We plumped for a window table, which needed to be set, so took a seat in the quirky waiting area on old theatre style seating and perused the drinks menu.

Our table was ready promptly and the waiter offered to take our coats as he seated us. The atmosphere was good, with several other tables of couples and family groups; decor is colourful whilst remaining stylish and music enhances the Brazilian theme, without being too intrusive. On enquiring I was told Botafogo is a beach in Brazil, the place really does give an informal beach hut vibe, whilst being clean and efficient.

After a couple of minutes, our drinks order was taken, I chose Brahma (a Brazilian beer at £3.40 a pint) from a small but enticing selection and my partner chose Guarana, a Brazilian soft drink (£2.05) made from red berries which was tasty and refreshing. I also ordered some tap water, which is served in a chilled bottle at a charge of 50p for charity (although this is optional) Favela Painting, whose colourful building decoration work is shown on the walls. A selection of wines and cocktails are also available, making Botafogo a great place for a celebration.

Being first time diners at the Brazilian grill, the process was explained, putting us completely at ease. We both chose the main event from the menu (£18.20 each), which is a selection of at least seven types of meat; sausage, chicken, ribs and steaks, plus daily specials which are brought to the table as long as your card is turned to green. Whist waiting we watched the meat being served to other dinners, carved from large skewers, this seemed almost theatrical and added to our anticipation.

The feast began with small, tasty morsels of beef empanadas and ham and cheese croquets, on complimenting the starters, we were offered more but opted to move onto the main event. Side dishes of rice, black beans and chips were brought to the table, which big enough to accommodate all the food comfortably. I enjoyed all of these, my partner was not a fan of the black beans, but the chips were delicious and we devoured them all, I had also chosen an additional side of coleslaw (£2.20), which tasted freshly homemade and complimented the meat perfectly. As soon as we had our sides the different cuts of meat began to arrive. I was a little apprehensive about the amount of food we may be served, but the portions were manageable and our server was happy to pander to my request for more Sirloin steak, which was cooked rare, exactly to my liking. My partner was a big fan of one of the specials; chicken wrapped in bacon and had extra servings of these.
When we could eat no more our plates were cleared and I pondered if I had room for a desert, our waiter suggested one of the sorbets if we were feeling full and I was tempted by the unusual option of lime and cactus sorbet, however I had a hankering for something sweet and gooey, so opted for the flan caramel (£4.90). Being served with toffee and cream this certainly hit the spot and was shared by my partner who claimed to be too full for desert.

All the staff were very friendly, introducing themselves and making our dining experience very pleasant. Our service was swift, without feeling rushed; I noted that other diners were more leisurely and staff seemed accommodating of this.

There is a vegetarian option of empanadas, pasta and vegetables and discounted meals for children, under 4ís eat free. Access to the restaurant is up one small step and the toilets are down stairs, so this may prove problematic for less able bodied dinners. The downstairs toilets are however, clean and pleasant.
The bill for the two of us totalled £49.45, with £43.50 of this being food and £7.45 for our two drinks and water.
Botafogo is a meat loverís paradise, tasty food and friendly staff made for and enjoyable dining experience and we left full and contented, definitely intending to return.


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