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Canton Chef "All the dishes were fabulous and everything was eaten. Yummy."
Lala's "We visited Lala's on a Wednesday night expecting it to be quiet but it was full to capacity and buzzing when we entered."
Apadana Persian "I was spoilt for choice and intrigued over many of the unusual names of the dishes."
La Cocina "For starters we chose to share Slowly Braised Pork Belly in Maple Syrup, King Prawns, Pea Puree & Madeira Sauce and La Cocina Pan (warm crusty bread served with Alioli)."
Botafogo "We both chose a selection of at least seven types of meat; sausage, chicken, ribs and steaks, plus daily specials which are brought to the table as long as your card is turned to green. The meat was carved from large skewers, this seemed almost theatrical and added to our anticipation."
Marimonte "My husband had ordered mini fish and chips for his starter; this came served in a bucket with tartar sauce and chips on the side. It tasted as good as it looked!"
The Nightingale "The portions were huge! No one will go away hungry, and no one will go away with an empty wallet."
Med-One "We both thoroughly enjoyed the meal and it was nice to try dishes with some unusual flavours."
Meson La Pepa "Surveying the extensive menu, we were both spoilt for choice Ė luckily with it being tapas it was possible to try lots of dishes..."
Erics Restaurant "Itís a welcome addition to Lindley and I know Iíll be back again and canít wait to try out more of their food..."
The Rock Cafe "A Rocking Good Lunch..."
The New Inn "My husband had chosen Fish and Chips, the chips were just right, which I can also attest to having stolen a couple, for sampling purposes of course..."
Chilli Lounge "I would definitely visit the Chilli Lounge again and I would love to give the Mega Buffet a try next time..."


Ciao Bella ~ Italian "Ciao Bella has to rank near the top for the single most important reason: the food..."
Discovery Bay "The ackee & saltfish was a tasty mix and was served with a fantastic little dumpling..."
Voda Bar & KItchen~ European "Voda's lunch menu is ideal for ladies who lunch, shoppers, couples and town centre workers..."
Thai Sakon ~ Thai "I would say the place is a lovely hidden gem and would highly recommend it to anyone..."
Home Town ~ Chinese "The combination of the spices and sauces was very pleasant and enjoyable, as judged by the empty plates which went back..."

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