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We hope that you find this site both easy to navigate and a useful resource. If you are having any problems, or wonder if there's a quicker / faster way of gaining the information you seek, please click on a topic or watch our how to videos below.

Quick Tips

Looking Around ... at a leisurely pace

Jumping around...across Town / Villages in a second

Shop Information ...where's what?

Shop Web Sites ...visiting shops sites

Orientation...where's North again?

Street Layout... how real is it?

Quick Tips

  • Use the MAP or VIRTUAL TAXI always displayed at the top, to navigate.


     -  It's easy to find our Virtual Streets & Villages with our unique Map. Just click the Map icon, always on the top of your screen. Click on any area of the map, or the named villages, to go there.


 - It's easy to whizz around our Virtual Streets in our Virtual Taxi. Just click the Taxi icon, always on the top of your screen. The select the first letter of the street you wish to be taken to. Then click on the Street name, in some case you can choose which side of the Street you wish to arrive on
  • To find a specific type of business, use Click to search A-Z FIND, always on top

    • Use your BACK  button to retrace your steps, top left of Browser

    • Click road signs  CLICK TO MOVE IN THIS DIRECTIONto follow them

    Looking around

    If you are out for a browse to see what's on offer within Huddersfield Town Centre or the Local Villages, simply click any street or area on the map. Then use your mouse or finger.

     Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move along the street. To cross over the street look for a crossing point. At the end of each street there is a link to the next street(s). If you get lost, click on the Map  You can also use your BACK BUTTON (top left), to retrace your steps.


     - We strive to bring you news of new shop/business openings very quickly, often before the paint is dry on the signage. We have great market intelligence to help us. This is the only website where all new openings can be seen on one website, together with their established neighbours. Simply click on the Newly Opened icon, always at the top of your screen.
    Scroll down, the shops are listed in order of date of opening.


    Jumping around

    To move from one street to another, round the corner or right across town you have 3 choices

    1/ Click on the Map which will take you to one side of your chosen street.

    2/ Click on the Virtual Taxi look through the ALPHABETICAL list of streets and chose which side of the street you wish to view.

    3/ Click on AERIAL, always at the top for various clickable views.

    You can also use your BACK BUTTON, to retrace your steps.


    Shop information

    Each street level business has a photograph. This may be of the whole business frontage, or the main area and signage. We try and take the most recognisable angle and perspective.

    In addition all businesses have their name, main business type/service and telephone number displayed.

    Shop Web Sites

    In addition to the basic information provided for all businesses many have their own web-sites. Wherever possible we have given these addresses and you can visit them by clicking with your mouse. To return to Virtual Huddersfield use your BACK BUTTON (top left)or close the window if open.


    - We provide a guide to many public Events in Huddersfield Town Centre and the Villages. Simply click on the Events icon, always at the top of your screen. Then either click on a month or scroll through all evnts. We leave recurring annual Events in place and update as the information is confirmed. There is a link to the Venue / Location if it is covered by Virtual Huddersfield as well as to more information from the organisers


    -  It's easy to access our Live Webcams in St.George's Square and Holmfirth Centre. Just click the webcam icon, always on the top of your screen and click the past image for live view.


    Orientation-where's North?

    Most people are used to seeing Huddersfield, as our map is drawn, with the Bus Station at the top. This is probably because the ground slopes down from here. This means that North is actually to the right (Open Market & Tesco), and South is to the left (University).

    Thus streets that run, more or less, from North to South, have the shops on the West or East sides.

    All streets are represented as if you were standing facing them. If you "cross-over" it is the equivalent of spinning around  180 degrees.


    Street Layout

    In most cases shops and businesses are positioned exactly as in they are in reality. However some corner premises have entrances and windows on 2 streets. We usually take the postal address as our guide, but not always, so look around the corner if you think a shop is missing. Some, highly recognisable buildings may appear in 2 adjoining streets to help your orientation.


    Attention Web Developers and Designers

    Virtual Huddersfield is a a very unique website. We have content not available anywhere else, updated daily, and a unique navigation. It's a much visited, very useful website and been around since 2001 (pre broadband, wi-fi, and social media).

    We are sure that you may think you could improve this for us, if so we would love to hear your thoughts. We like to think we are innovators, we sort of invented Street View before Google, and sideways scrolling was not normal in 2001, but now is used on all hand-held devices. As you can see from our videos above, the site looks great on all devices, but could look better.

    However before you contact us with your ideas we must outline some features we love and can't loose.

    • Street photos of shops/business, must be 225 x 180 pixels, we have over 3000!
    • A minimum of three business premises must be on screen at all times when viewing Virtual Streets. This allows the viewer to see the desired premises and the neighbours.
    • Each photograph must be a separate file that can easily be updated. We pride ourselves on showing streets as they are today, not 2 years ago. Shops open, close, change signage most weeks.
    • Viewers must be able to move from street to adjoining street easily, i.e click a road sign. Cross the road. Whizz from one location to another, take a Virtual Taxi.
    • With the increasing use of ad-blocker software we do not want intrusive adverts or popups. AdBlocker leaves our Virtual Street posters alone as they are embedded as content.
    • Finally do not worry about the massive amount of data and content that will be moved, we can handle that. It's the design and functionality that is key to this project.
    We look forward to hearing from you. Please click the Contact Us icon top right so we can get in touch.

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    If it does not, please click the image on the right to gain full site access. Thank you.

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