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Home Town Chinese
Restaurant Address:

Northgate, Ring Road, Town Centre

Visited On:

7.30pm 21st January 2008

Reviewed By: Tonie & Laurence of paddock

The restaurant is located on the corner of Northgate and Fitzwilliam Street in a detached property which at one time was a pub.  There is plenty of parking available right outside the restaurant but it is worth mentioning the area has got “pay &display” machines for daytime use.

Having just been open for 3 weeks under new management we thought we would “give it a go”!
Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by the headwaiter who assisted us to our table and once seated handed us the menu and asked if we would like a drink!

We both ordered a ½ lager which came quickly and whilst viewing the menu had a chance to observe the interior of the premises. First impression, very light, airy and appeared clean, if not somewhat spartan! There were no decorations or pictures noticeable and we think this added to the feeling of echoiness.

he menu was exceptionally broad in its scope! Having recently visited the Far East, this is the first menu we have come across that resembles those we found in Hong Kong and China. For example, Husband and Wife Lung (which apparently is different kind of beef), Clay Pots with various exotic ingredients. The waitress was very helpful in coming to our assistance regarding  some of the dishes and pointed out the difference between the seasoning and which area of China they originated from. After much deliberation and curiousness we selected 2 starters which were Peking Duck and Home Town Special Mixed Starter which didn't take long in coming, but in view of it being luke warm ,we wish it had taken longer!

Whilst the flavouring was good the lack of heat spoiled it.
For main course we had chosen Sizzling Fillet Steak with Ginger and Spring onions and Scallops with Asparagus and Garlic, Special Rice which contained prawns, chicken, beef, vegetables all mixed in!
Although the food was only warm the flavours were brilliant! The fillet steak was extremely tender and the taste brilliant and the scallop dish was extremely tasty! The combination of the spices and sauces was very pleasant and enjoyable, as judged by the empty plates which went back.

The place was warm and comfortable, Chinese/European style music played gently in the background whilst eating. The place was almost deserted except 4 other people, but this could be forgiven as we had chosen to visit on the worst evening of the week! Torrential rain and flooding throughout Yorkshire was the order of the night so we presume this could have put people off from venturing out!

The toilet facilities were clean and well presented. With regard to Disability Access it could be difficult especially for wheelchair users as there are steps in and out of the restaurant and in the toilet area the doors appear very narrow.
As to being child friendly, we didn’t see any highchairs but then again we didn’t bring a child with us on this occasion and there might well have been some in the back room.
The price of the meal was £ 35.20 for two, and drinks £ 6.40 (larger and pot of Chinese tea)

Would we go back? Tempted to go back just to try something exotic and different!

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